James Harden moved on from Kardashian curse with Ashanti

Neither did Mike D’Antoni. Nor did any of the Rockets , or any of the media, or really, any of the Spurs. What could you say after San Antonio’s not a typo victory over the Rockets in Game 6 to advance to the Western Conference finals? Well, you can start with this, if nothing else: James Harden failed, in an obscene and epic way commonly reserved for films about financial disasters. Say what you want about Russell Westbrook ‘s play style, efficiency or impact, but he went down swinging against a better team in the Rockets. Against the Spurs, Harden drifted away with a whisper. He did not attempt a field goal, not one, in the first 12 minutes Thursday.

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Watch video · James Harden recently signed the biggest contract extension in NBA history. The high-scoring point guard’s current contract with the Houston Rockets is .

Posted on July 5th, at 2: James — who was coaching one of the teams – caught Khloe’s eye and Kanye reportedly helped things along between the pair. The couple were spotted at Red 8 Asian restaurant at the Wynn Resort and according to sources the were acting like a ‘full-on’ couple. After their dinner date the lovebirds went to Drai’s Nightclub to see Khloe’s friend Chris Brown perform.

She had been dating rapper, French Montana, but that relationship reportedly hit the skids after her mom Kris Jenner got anxious about the influence he was having on her daughter. Khloe of course has a thing about basketball players — she was previously married to Lamar Odom who played with the Los Angeles Lakers. The pair endured a stormy relationship amid allegations that he had cheated on her and had taken drugs too.

Despite the fact that she filed for a divorce two years ago it was never actually finalized amid reports that they pair could still yet reconcile. However, that never happened, and it looks like she has moved-on and is currently having a good time with Harden as the pair try to figure out if they are a match. Do you think Khloe Kardashian and James Harden will become an item?

James Harden is Dating Lil Wayne’s Baby Mama Sarah Vivan Too?

Since he started playing for the Houston Rockets, James had a huge impact for his team. His playing style improved after each season and many began to speculate what Harden does during the off season to prepare for the year. In time, he became a dominant figure as an excellent shooting guard. He won the team honors not once, but three times, which can be considered a huge performance for an NBA player. We know very well that James is working hard, but there must be something more behind it.

Harden isn’t the first famous face the year-old has been linked to. In fact, Kardashian has been involved in several high profile romances since bursting onto the scene in the early s.

He has two younger brothers, Isaiah and Daniel. So I’m accustomed to playing basketball really rough. John’s University from to John’s, he majored in mathematics. He wore three jersey numbers for the Pacers: Pacers—Pistons brawl Main article: Pacers—Pistons brawl On November 19, , Artest was at the center of an altercation among players and fans during a game in Auburn Hills, Michigan , between Artest’s Pacers and the home team Detroit Pistons.

O’Neal, Jackson and Wallace were suspended indefinitely the day after the game. A day later, the NBA suspended Artest for the rest of the regular season, plus any playoff games. Artest missed 86 games, the longest suspension for an on-court incident in NBA history. Artest’s call for a trade created a rift between him and his teammates. As for their basketball relationship, O’Neal said: However, before the trade could be completed, many press outlets reported that Artest had informed team management that he did not want to go to Sacramento.

While not denying his agent’s story, Artest did deny that he had rejected the trade to Sacramento, saying that he would play anywhere; hence, contradicting earlier press accounts stating Artest was holding up the trade.

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Voter fatigue — the idea that people making the call prefer someone new, a player who creates fresh buzz and hasn’t been around long enough to be taken for granted — has been another theory mentioned over the last few years. Then, of course, there was the expected regular season maintenance plan, trying to keep James fresh for another title run and perhaps making sacrifices during the game grind to make that reality.

History wasn’t on James’ side either, as nearly 80 percent of all MVP winners have been between the ages of 24 and James turned 33 at the end of December. However, the door to No.

Baller James Edward Harden, Jr. seems to have a distinctive kind of type for the females in his romantic relationships that is Former Oklahoma City Thunder boy; reportedly trade one voluptuous girlfriend, rapper Trina for another bigger one??? Check out the revealing pics!

Comment When it comes to getting to the free throw line, nobody does it as well as James Harden. Harden has since added to his total, but the 56 fouls he had drawn through 40 games was already enough for him to set a new NBA record. According to the same data, only three players have drawn 25 or more fouls on 3-point attempts since Durant and Crawford drew less than 30 fouls each, whereas Williams had the previous all-time high with 44 fouls drawn. He is practically impossible to stop in those situations due his ability to pull-up from anywhere when defenders go under the screen and bulldoze his way to the basket when they go over.

Think about it like this: However, Harden is smart enough to anticipate the defender anticipating his next move. Watch him do it to Rodney McGruder, who does a better job than Wiggins at not getting screened but ultimately gets baited into fouling Harden.


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When Stern asked if she had a type — considering her estranged husband, Lamar Odom, and current boyfriend, James Harden, both play basketball — Kardashian replied, “I guess. I mean.

Share 1k shares ‘She wanted to see him and spend time with him. He is her boyfriend, after all. Khloe also told People magazin she was still in touch with Harden On October 20 TMZ reported Khloe ‘put the brakes’ on her relationship with James because she had ‘underlying feelings’ for Lamar, but the insider said that is not true. The source made it clear that Khloe was never back together with Lamar, who she wed in and split from in the fall of But there was no romance. She was keeping in touch with James.

James Harden Wins 2017-18 NBA MVP Award

This time finally Maliah Michel is the name that makes a beautiful couple after breakup with Kyra Chaos and trina. Among these all girls the famous women that is attached is known to be Trina. Trina is an American model, rapper and become too much famous among media due to their relationship for other celebrities. Harden and Trina both are seen a lot of time. They always try in making full time romance and enjoying the real life in their professional career. Harden and their girlfriend want to long time relation in future but now this time this relation becomes controversial.

[James Harden] has been very supportive of Khloe being at Lamar’s bedside. If [James Harden] wasn’t confident in his relationship with Khloe, he would be concerned.” That said, claimed the source, James Harden “isn’t stupid” and isn’t convinced Kardashian was fully over Odom.

So what is the big deal — why is Trina so upset over Khloe and James dating? Trina dated James Harden first! The female rapper was furious that Khloe had sunk her claws into her man, and she even dissed Khloe in one of her songs. After the video of James and Khloe together went viral this weekend, Trina was obviously not a happy camper. Regardless, Trina might want to link up with Amber Rose and Blac Chyna,;it sounds like they have a lot in common.

Maybe they can join forces and cook up a plan to take down the evil Kardashian sisters so that they will stop stealing their boyfriends. On the bright side, Khloe seems super happy with James Harden, and it looks like she may have finally moved on from Lamar Odom. Maybe James will finally be the lucky guy that convinces Khloe to sign the divorce papers and sever ties from Lamar for once and for all.

Do you think Khloe and James will last? Do you blame Trina for being upset? Who do you think would come out on top in a cat fight over James Harden — Trina or Khloe? Share your thought and theories in the comments below!

Khloe Kardashian’s New Boyfriend: Reality Star Dating NBA Stud James Harden

Read the full story here. Are you the best player in the world right now? IQ, studying the game, I can score the basketball, make my teammates better. There are not a lot of guys that have all those characteristics in one. They might be way more athletic, can shoot the ball way better. But everything solid in one human body?

NBA Player James Harden Signs $80 Million Contract, Goes To Strip Club! MediaTakeOut got ahold of Candy’s tweets before she deleted them. Candy’s friend and alleged escort Jenna Shea, who is rumored to be dating Soulja Boy, supported her friend duriing the rant.

James Harden Cheating on Khloe Kardashian? The NBA star is being accused of cheating on his reality star girlfriend, who he has been “rumored” to be dating since June. In an interview with New Idea , Australian student Rochelle Relf claimed she had a fling with Harden and also spent the night with the athlete last month during his visit Down Under. The affair reportedly happened after Kardashian and the Houston Rockets player took to a romantic Hawaii trip.

He was charming, affectionate —he asked me to visit him in America and told me that he was a single guy,” the year-old said. Relf said she and Harden met unexpectedly at Sydney casino The Star while she was attending her friend’s birthday party. She later added that she wasn’t aware of his celebrity status until Harden asked his personal security to intervene when fans surrounded him. James is very good at making himself out to be a loyal person.

Romantic and says what you want to hear. But he is in no way ready to be settling down, and it’s no secret Khloe wants a family,” she explained. Adding, “Khloe has been through a lot I’m saying all of this because she shouldn’t be wasting time on this guy. He was happy to be entertaining girls in his hotel room and if he was my man, I would be chucking his clothes out on the street.

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The reality TV star reportedly has traded former Mavericks forward Lamar Odom for NBA superstar James Harden, per The Daily Beast. The move makes sense strategically, as Team Kardashian will add.

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James Harden DISSES Tristan Thompson’s Girlfriend Khloe Kardashian! “I HAD To DUMP HER!”

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