Aldeia da Cuada Ranch, Flores, Azores, Portugal

Pico is the second largest island. It is approximately square miles km2. Pico island history was built on the destiny of is whale hunting and winery traditions. The famous Pico wines and the UESCO world patrimony designated vineyards, as well as wooden boat building, are contemporary fixtures of Pico. Whale hunting, long gone, gave way to a movement of fair treatment study and observation of whales, dolphins, and other sea mammals. Whale and dolphin watching trips can be organized from Madalena or Lajes. Volcanic eruptions ended years ago and Pico is considered a dormant volcano, adding to the mystique of the island, and serving as a magnet for scientists. The Pico island landscape is a sublime mixture of lava rock and exotic vegetation in an ever changing scenery that envelopes this scarcely populated island.

The Azores

How old are they? Were they made during a short or long time? These mysteriously enigmatic parallel grooves are noticed on the hard volcanic rock of the nine Azorean Islands in several locations. Recent scientific evidences have provided some support to the hypothesis of human presence in the Azores Islands before Portuguese settlement during the 15th century. Are the Azorean cart-ruts pre-Portuguese?

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In the ocean, said naturalist Rachel Carson, he found from whence he had sprung, and in Atlantis, a dream of a superior culture, prefacing the brief few thousand years of recorded history with which he measures his meager progress. Since Plato first described the Lost Continent of the Atlantic twenty-five hundred years ago, more than two thousand books have been written about a legendary land that nobody has seen.

There have been books to prove Atlantis, books to disprove it. Some have been by erudite scientists, others by dreamers in search of a Shangri-La. While oceanographers, geologists, and ordinary sea-divers have been fanning out over the Atlantic for centuries in the underwater quest, Edgar Cayce merely went to sleep, and saw visions of a magic continent which went through three periods of breakup, the last some eleven or twelve thousand years ago.

Could it be that it had all happened before? Whole cities and successions of cities had been buried before, as many different layers of Troy revealed—so why not a whole country or continent? From magnetic grains, from fossil remains, from layers of earth crust, we know the earth goes back millions of years, and yet we have no certain knowledge of what happened only yesterday, geologically. Had some cataclysm, destroying most or nearly all of humanity, also destroyed the records of that humanity?

And could it not happen again, at presumably any time, now that man had the weapons of his own destruction at hand? Or perhaps the tilt of the global axis, sending billions of tons of melting glacial ice down on us from the Pole, would suffice?

Azores Map & highlights

The islands lie, approximately, from S. Their distribution may be considered as forming three subgroups: The Formigas and other tiny islets throughout the archipelago are of no importance except as perils to navigation. Physically, the Azores are in general characterized by the bold and irregular conformation usually found in islands of volcanic origin. The volcanic character of these islands is also unmistakably shown by the recurrence in their mountain-formations of more or less extinct craters locally called caldeiras — “kettles” , one of which, the Caldeira of Graciosa, forms a steaming lake of pitch.

15 Best Things to Do in Horta (Portugal) A transatlantic staging post since the Age of Discovery, Horta is a maritime town on the east coast of Faial in the Azores. The natural harbour has one of the busiest marinas in the world, and every captain to berth here paints a message on the jetty.

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Caribbean Ventura Take flight from the freezing winter and escape for four fabulous weeks to the sun-drenched Caribbean without having to board a plane. Ventura will cross the Atlantic, calling first at Madeira before continuing to Antigua, the first port on an exciting Caribbean island-hopping itinerary.

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Though the species of bird was in fact incorrect, the name Azores nevertheless stayed. These soaring islands are a place where residents still greet you with a warm smile as if you are family, where donkeys pull wooden carts filled with produce to sell at the local market and everywhere there is a piece of untouched, awe-inspiring nature. The Azores geographic isolation has allowed each Azorean isle to preserve their unique characteristics and customs, though deeply embossed with the leitmotif of maritime culture.

In Vila da Praia, the highlight is the Church of São Mateus, which has a pipe organ dating to , one of the finest of the Azores, and in Guadalupe, the church of the same name, dating from the 17th century.

South America, Africa, Asia — each is seen as being wrapped in a cloak of adventure that our home continent cannot match. And yet the idea of Europe being a known concept falls away when you journey to its western edge. No, not Ireland but those Atlantic mysteries, the Azores. Last summer Ryanair launched flights between London Stansted and the largest of the Portuguese island group, Sao Miguel. Yet if the long overdue arrival of this far-flung horizon on the budget-airline radar was good news in terms of making the archipelago a little more accessible, it also did nothing to harm its considerable mystique.

Though rather closer to home than the gold slivers of the Caribbean, they were overlooked until the 14th century and uninhabited until the 15th century, claimed by Portuguese settlers in , only 60 years before Columbus stumbled on the New World. In some ways, the islands have developed little since. Even now they lack the mass-tourism hot spots of the Canary Islands. But they share something crucial with their Atlantic siblings.

They are visibly volcanic, born of tectonic frustration at the point where three continental plates — the Eurasian, the African and the North American — meet.

Portugal Walking Tour

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This concludes our live coverage This concludes our live coverage of Storm Ophelia. Thank you for following along. In areas where the storm has passed, some are getting their first full glimpse of destruction. Photos posted on social media show trees on top of cars, huge trees uprooted, and messy gardens after objects were blown over. Thousands of trees need to be cleared from roads and public areas in Ireland.

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The Azores Are the Perfect Island Getaway—and They’re Closer Than You Think

Courtesy of Azores Getaways The Azores abound with Portuguese influence, such as in the architecture on Terceira island. The remote archipelago, an autonomous region of Portugal, is less than a five-hour flight from the East Coast. In addition to accessibility, here are the key reasons why the Azores should be your next getaway, before the secret really gets out. Portuguese festivals and holy days are also celebrated, but the archipelago has its own traditions, too—including the bull runs that take place nearly every day in the summer on the island of Terceira.

Because of its remote location and the appeal of inter-island-hopping, the Azorean tourism industry has relied largely on tour operators and packaged travel, which has likewise helped keep travel affordable.

Jan 20,  · A curious fact about Azores is that it is the only territory in Europe where tea is grown and produced. We went to the old factory of the local tea, Gorreana, about 12 Kms east of Ribeira Grande. Visiting the tea factory is free of charge and you can see the old equipments to process the tea leaves dating back from the 19th.

Plato articulated the legend of Atlantis. Ancient writers like Plutarch , Strabo and, more explicitly, Pliny the Elder and Ptolemy , testified to the real existence of the Canary Islands. The Middle Ages saw the emergence of a new set of legends about islands deep in the Atlantic Ocean. These were sourced in various places, e. The peoples of the Iberian peninsula , who were closest to the real Atlantic islands, and whose seafarers and fisherman may have seen and even visited them, [3] articulated their own tales.

Medieval Andalusian Arabs related stories of Atlantic island encounters in the legend of the 9th-century navigator Khashkhash of Cordoba told by al-Masudi [4] and the 12th-century story of the eight Maghurin Wanderers of Lisbon told by al-Idrisi. He said he found that fact in Christopher Columbus ‘ notes, and it was one reason why Columbus presumed that India was on the other side of the ocean.

This claim is generally discredited among academics today. As were local stories of a mysterious equestrian statue and coins with Carthaginian writing that were purportedly discovered on island of Corvo, or the strange inscriptions found along the coast of Quatro Ribeiras on Terceira: But there was some basis in fact, since the Medici maps of contained seven islands off the Portuguese coast which were arranged in groups of three; there were the southern group, or the Goat Islands Cabreras , the middle group, or the Wind or Dove Islands De Ventura Sive de Columbis , and the western islands, or the Brazil Island De Brazil.

But, generally, these stories highlighted that sightings were being made at the end of the 14th century, or at least, the peoples of Europe had a passing knowledge of islands in the Atlantic.

History of the Azores

Visit the Volcanology Observatory for an introduction to the Azores origins, followed by a warm-up walk through the vineyards to Caloura harbor and a unique Modernist museum. An al fresco welcome dinner overlooking the harbor features the catch of the day. Afterwards, take a ferry boat to the islet of Vila Franca, where the mouth of a submerged volcano forms a lagoon perfect for swimming, or relax with an ocean dip back at our hotel.

Nov 01,  · It was one of the first permanent settlements on the island dating back to The stone homes number about More. Thank CruisersRus at island of Flores, during three nights whilst traveling in the Azores. For sure it was the best part of the trip (staying in two locations at Sao Miguel, and at Faial). The location, the view / TripAdvisor reviews.

Photo by Tiffany Leigh 1. The hot bed for volcanic life is about a minute drive from Ponta Delgada. The area occupies a large portion of land that contains active sulfur boilers; many locals and tourists take advantage of it for bathing purposes. The large boiler belongs to an inactive volcano, often referred to as “the valley. You can spot all the designated plots where restaurants bury their stews to cook. Photo by Tiffany Leigh 2. Opt for a guided tour of the acre property to familiarize yourself with its plant and flower life.

Mercado da Graça, São Miguel

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